Peace and RaSpect. Thank you for visiting the Most Official Blaq Network (MOB'N). Becoming a member of this Network allows you to get paid to promote and support blaq businesses, this allows our blaq dollar to circulate within our community and build economic as well as political power. All you have to do is sign up with your one time 60.00 fee and you will be able to promote any merchandise or business featured on this site with a referral box under the product. There are several ways to get paid from the Network. Every time your name is placed as a reference under any product purchased on this site you will receive $10.00, also for every person that you get to sign up to be apart of the Network and places your name in the referral box below you will receive $20.00 per person, so with only 3 referral's you can make your money back as fast as you invested it. You will receive payments Monthly from the date you signed up via Cash app or PayPal. Once you sign up you can work this network how you want, whether it be from home on line promoting the products you believe in or out in the field with custom flyers with your name on them so customers will know to place your name as a reference when purchasing an item, also take advantage of being able to pull the website up on your phone to show people while out in the field to make on the spot purchases so you can make an instant sell, part time or full time your hours are yours to make. (Any business owner that wishes to have their company featured on the site please contact me via email, or DM to Instagram: Supreme_MostOfficial_CEO. The first month your business is featured on the site is free, after that it is $20 a month or $200 for the year. The above message of this Network applies to business owners as well, you not only get paid for your sells of your product but also to promote other businesses on the site and get paid to have others sign up as well, yes that means 3 streams of income) As the company grows and the harder you work the more you can possibly earn and also receive free promo items and rewards for your efforts. The MOB'N company is for your benefit and the benefit of those you are promoting so the harder we work to support and promote each other the more we all win as a community. SN: (If you go 2 months without any activity to your account by not making any sells we will contact you to see if you wish to continue working with the Network, if you wish to leave the Network and come back in the future you will have to pay another $60.00 fee to rejoin)

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M.O.B'N (MoSt OffiCial Blaq Network)                          
 (To officially become a MOB'N member, invest 60.00, fill out the information below and send it to us and we will contact you through email as soon as possible)       


(Please create a paypal account to make and receive payments if you don't have one already or place Cash app Account in the message box)

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